Key takeaways from an expert MMM panel at Gamesforum Barcelona

Gary Danks, GM of AIM, recently had the pleasure of diving deep into the world of marketing mix modeling (MMM) in a panel discussion featuring industry experts from Meta, Pixel Federation, and Smadex at Gamesforum Barcelona 2024. The session, aptly titled “Why UA Teams Are Embracing Marketing Mix Modeling,” shined a spotlight on the growing importance of MMM in the ever-evolving landscape of user acquisition (UA).

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Here are key takeaways from the session that are sure to resonate with anyone looking to future-proof their marketing strategies.

On stage at Gamesforum Barcelona 2024. From left to right: Michal Prokrop Grno (Pixel Federation), Gary Danks (AIM), Alfonso Calatrava (Meta), and Jordi de los Pinos (Smadex).

On stage at Gamesforum Barcelona 2024. From left to right: Michal Prokop Grno (Pixel Federation), Gary Danks (AIM), Alfonso Calatrava (Meta), and Jordi de los Pinos (Smadex).

1. Understanding MMM: A Tool for Sophisticated Measurement

Marketing mix modeling, or MMM, isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a sophisticated statistical analysis method that evaluates the impact of various marketing efforts and external factors on your conversions and sales. Unlike last-touch attribution, which credits the final touchpoint before a conversion event, MMM provides a holistic view by considering the incremental impact of all marketing touchpoints, both online and offline. Read this helpful analogy for understanding the difference between MMM and last-touch attribution.

2. The Importance of MMM in Today’s Privacy-Centric World

With privacy regulations tightening and the deprecation of third-party cookies and mobile ad IDs fast approaching, MMM is becoming increasingly crucial. It offers a privacy-first approach to measurement that doesn’t rely on personally identifiable information (PII) or user-level data, making it a valuable asset for user acquisition (UA) teams navigating the shifting privacy landscape while still understanding the impact of their marketing and making data-driven optimization decisions.

3. Implementing MMM Is Easier Than You Think

Gone are the days when MMM was deemed a complex, resource-intensive process. Today, integration with MMM platforms such as AIM (Always-On Incremental Measurement) is seamless, requiring minimal technical resources and leveraging familiar data sets from mobile measurement partners (MMPs). This ease of setup means that any organization regardless of size can benefit from the insights MMM provides.

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4. Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

A robust MMM solution delivers insights that are tactical as well as strategic, allowing UA managers to make informed decisions at the campaign level. Insights from MMM should be easily interpretable, actionable, and integrated into the decision-making process—without needing a team of data scientists to dissect and decipher the outputs.

5. The Democratization of Data

One of the most exciting aspects of MMM is its potential to level the playing field. Smaller players and discovery partners stand to gain significantly as MMM reveals the true value of their contributions—often under-attributed in last-touch models. This democratization of data empowers marketers to allocate budgets more effectively and recognize the synergies among different media channels in ways not possible with last-touch attribution alone.

6. MMM of the Future Is Real-Time

The future of MMM is real-time. Advances in technology mean MMM models can now be updated daily, continuously providing UA teams with the most current data to inform their strategies. This real-time capability gives marketers the power to adapt to changes immediately. MMM is no longer a slow, clunky, quarterly or semiannual assessment that’s tedious to take into action.

Take the Next Step With MMM

The panel discussion made it clear that MMM is not just a complementary tool but rather a necessary evolution for UA teams looking to thrive in a privacy-first world.

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For additional information about the AIM platform, book a meeting with Gary and the AIM team.