5 Reasons Companies Are Choosing SaaS MMM Products Over In-House MMM

The shift from in-house solutions to specialized SaaS platforms in the realm of marketing mix modeling (MMM) is a trend echoing past experiences in marketing technology. A decade ago, companies faced similar challenges with attribution platforms, eventually realizing the complexities and resource demands of in-house development. This pattern, repeated with technologies like ad servers and demand-side platforms, is now evident in MMM.

As experts in SaaS solutions, we’ve identified five key reasons why this historical pattern is resurfacing and why SaaS is emerging as the go-to choice for MMM adoption.

1. The Expertise Gap: Navigating the Technical Complexities of MMM

  • Specialized Skill Requirements: Developing an MMM solution in-house requires a rare blend of skills—deep knowledge of marketing, proficiency in advanced statistical analysis, and the ability to translate data into actionable insights.
  • Risk of Knowledge Loss: In-house solutions depend heavily on the expertise of individuals. If these key players leave, the organization faces the risk of losing critical intellectual capital and operational continuity.
  • Consistent Expertise in SaaS: SaaS platforms address these challenges head-on. They offer access to a team of experts whose collective knowledge and experience ensure that the MMM solution remains state-of-the-art and resilient to personnel changes.

2. A Wider Lens: Overcoming the Narrow Vision of In-House Data

  • In-House Data Limitations: In-house MMM models often suffer from a myopic view, limited to the company’s data. This limitation can skew insights and hinder the ability to make well-rounded marketing decisions.
  • Rich Data Pool in SaaS: In contrast, SaaS platforms benefit from a broader array of market knowledge, including diverse industry insights and consumer behavior patterns. This rich data pool leads to more accurate and greater insights.

3. Future-Proofing Marketing: Staying Ahead with SaaS Innovations

  • Rapidly Changing Industry Landscape: The marketing domain, especially in digital and app spaces, is constantly evolving with new technologies, shifting privacy regulations, and changing consumer behaviors.
  • Adaptive and Proactive SaaS: SaaS platforms are designed to be adaptive, continually integrating the latest market developments and technological innovations. This foresight ensures that your MMM strategy is not only current but also future-ready.

4. Cost Analysis: The Economic Realities of In-House vs. SaaS MMM

  • Substantial In-House Investment: Building an MMM solution in-house is a significant financial undertaking. It involves not just the initial development costs but also ongoing expenses for updates, maintenance, and scaling.
  • Economical and Scalable SaaS: SaaS solutions offer a more economical alternative with their subscription-based model. This approach allows for scalability and flexibility, adapting to your needs without the burden of heavy, upfront investment.

5. Speed to Market: The Critical Advantage of SaaS Platforms

  • Time-Consuming In-House Development: Developing an MMM solution in-house is time intensive, often taking months or years to become fully operational. During this period, market opportunities can be missed, and the model may become outdated before it’s even launched.
  • Ready-to-Deploy SaaS Solutions: SaaS platforms offer immediate deployment. This quick-to-market advantage means you can start leveraging advanced MMM capabilities almost instantly, keeping you agile and responsive in a dynamic market.


The historical shift from in-house to SaaS platforms in MMM mirrors a broader trend in marketing technologies. This movement is driven by the need for specialized expertise, comprehensive data insights, adaptability to market changes, cost efficiency, and speed to market. These are all areas where SaaS solutions have a distinct advantage.

Choosing AIM (Always-on Incremental Measurement) as your MMM SaaS platform means embracing a solution that is not only technically advanced but also strategically aligned with the future of marketing.

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