Understanding the Decomposition of Installs With MMM

In the vast garden of app marketing, we often hear terms like “organic installs” that make it sound like app installs grow spontaneously from the digital earth. Let’s debunk this myth right away: You don’t just plant an app in your digital garden, sprinkle it with a few updates, and let Mother Nature take the reins. Each install occurs for a specific reason, a trigger that prompts a user to take action. With a robust marketing mix modeling (MMM) tool like AIM (Always-on Incremental Measurement), we go beyond the surface, delving deep to uncover the true reasons behind every install. Here, we explore the intricacies of the decomposition of user acquisition (UA) marketing and shed light on the real drivers of user engagement.

Understanding the Decomposition of Installs

What is Decomposition?

Decomposition is a method to break down your total installs and other key performance indicators (KPIs) into different elements or factors to understand the various sources and influences leading to these outcomes.

How Do We Do It?

1. Data Collection: First, we gather all data points related to your KPIs. This could be user ratings, seasonal data, word-of-mouth referrals, and more.

2. Breaking it Down: We then split these numbers into their contributing components:

  • Word of Mouth/User Influence: Analyze how past user activities and recommendations contribute to current installs.
  • Seasonal Influences: Identify patterns over specific periods, like a surge during holidays or specific times of the year.
  • App Store Influence: Assess how your product’s placement and ratings in app stores are affecting installs.
  • Other Network Effects: Consider other influences, such as promotions, partnerships, or advertising.

3. Visualization: To make this information clear and insightful, we present it visually. A pie chart might show the proportion of each factor, while a stacked bar chart could depict how these elements change over time.

Foundry Graph

Why Categorize?

By breaking down your numbers into categories, you gain deeper insights:

  • Identify Strong Points: Recognize what’s working best. Is it word of mouth? Seasonal promotions?
  • Spot Weak Areas: Find out where you could improve. Perhaps your app store rating needs a boost?
  • Optimize Strategies: With clear insights, you can tailor your strategies better. If you know word of mouth is strong, maybe a referral program can amplify that strength.

Decomposition helps transform raw install numbers into actionable insights. By understanding the various factors influencing your KPIs, you can better steer your product’s growth and strategy. Think of it as peeling the layers of an onion; each layer reveals more about the health and potential of your product.

Do you have a lot of “organic” installs in your UA data? Connect with us to understand how we can help you peel back the layers and decomp key components contributing to your growth.